At Hinkson Laboratories, our design process differs from most apparel companies. We don’t reproduce or simply produce apparel based on existing designs. We are an apparel design shop so every garment that we produce will be infused with our style in a unique way that meets our client’s required expression. There are many other apparel design shops that will just produce garment based solely on a clients design, that is not Hinkson Laboratories Sports process.

We sit down with our client and discuss color schemes, materials, form and functionality of each garment, then design to meet the agreed upon specifications. We typically create several options for our clients to chose from. We review the designs with our clients and make the necessary design changes to arrive at an approved final design.

Design Sample

Once the design is complete, we send the detail to the factory to produce a design sample. This sample is used to demonstrate validate coloring, quality and accuracy of the design execution. From here subtle changes are made if necessary prior to moving to the Pre-Production Sample phase.

Pre-Production Sample

The pre-production sample phase is a true representation of what the final product will look like. We utilize all of the same processes used in the final production run to ensure production run accuracy.


WE are able to produce quantities as low as 20 (MOQ 20). During the production phase the garments are sewn, designs affixed and the final product is packaged and readied for shipping.


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