Hinkson Laboratories Sports is currently working with League 30 to develop a unified set of uniform kits that will allow its clubs to be recognized as one entity. On this tab, you will find the home and away kits. The only difference would be club patches. These patches would be unique to each club under League 30. We are developing these kits in several different versions to meet a wide variety of needs while maintaining a unified visual appearance. Please stay tuned to this page for pricing and information.

There are 2 styles of kits available:

1). The Professional style: This style utilizes the latest Dry Fit performance polyester material. Dry fit is a lightweight, breathable, and “moister” or “sweat” wicking material, that is flexible and sturdy. I cling to the body without feeling uncomfortable while still supplying superb ventilation and moister management. The Professional incorporates a perforated, vented panel under the arms and a more complex sleeve design. The multi-paneled shorts are made from the same Dry Fit material. This is our top-of-the-line offering and showcases the form and fit for which we are known for. This style is designed to meet the needs of professional athletes in all of us.

2). The Rookie style: This style is made from an interlock performance polyester material. This interlock material is ultra-lightweight, moister wicking, and breathable. This kit is made with fewer panels to reduce cost. The multi-paneled shorts are made of the same interlock material.

Hinkson Laboratories Sports will be offering 3 packages:

  • Alpha Package includes the Professional style kit (Home – 1 jersey, 1 shorts, 1 pair of socks sleeve), (Away – 1 jersey, 1 shorts, 1 pair of socks sleeve),
  • Bravo: Package includes the Rookie style kits (Home – 1 jersey, 1 shorts, 1 pair of socks sleeve), (Away – 1 jersey, 1 shorts, 1 pair of socks sleeve),
  • Charlie: Package includes the Rookie Kits (Home – 1 jersey, 1 shorts, 1 pair of socks sleeve), (Away – 1 jersey, 1 pair of socks),
  • Option Addon: Package includes the Professional Kits (Option – 1 jersey, 1 shorts, 1 pair of socks sleeve)
  • Kits do not include socks. You must add socks to each package.

How to order:

1). Contact Hinkson Laboratories Sports via email: sales@hinksonlabs.com . Provide your team name in the following format – “club name-birth year-gender-admin initials”

2). HinksonLabs sakes will create an attribute on the sales page with your team name. This will allow you to order uniforms under your team name.

3). Order uniforms for your entire team.

4). An invoice will go to the email address you supplied.

5). Pay the invoice.

6). Your order will be processed. The factory will produce your order.

7). Product is shipped to HinksonLabs. The product is sorted.

8). HinksonLabs will arrange to pick up dates and times for you to receive your uniforms.

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